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How often are my investments valued?

Artworks are typically appraised, or revalued, 6 months after the first close of an offering. The first close depends on the size of the offering, but usually occurs about 30 days or less from when an offering launches. After that, artworks are typically revalued each quarter.
But remember!
Masterworks usually only issues updated appraisals when there is new information that could cause the underlying value of our artwork to change. Usually this is when we see a similar painting sell somewhere else in what is called a comparable sale*. 
If Masterworks determines there are no comparable sales, then we assume the value of the investment remains at its prior value.
So, it's possible you may see your investment value unchanged for a quarter or two - this is normal. Comparable sales for a specific painting may not occur every quarter - but we are watching the market all the time! At the very least, your investment will be appraised every 12 months.


*Comparable objects are selected based on similar characteristics to the target object, which may include, but are not limited to: artist, size, date of creation, medium, series, imagery, execution, style or technique, colors, condition, provenance and/or exhibition history, prior sale history (if any).  Comparable characteristics for each artwork are determined on a case-by-case basis based on the appraiserโ€™s knowledge of the respective artistโ€™s market.